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About Polar Cool

PolarCool™ is a portable evaporative cooling system that is effective in providing spot and area cooling for a multitude of applications that normally would prove to be costly or inefficient to cool with refrigerator air.

All units feature high quality steel cabinets, heavy duty pumps and long lasting pads.


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About Highland Tanks

Lube Tanks provide safe and dependable bulk storage for all types of motor oils. Their superior steel welded construction makes them tougher than plastic tanks and they’re more resistant to potential impacts and punctures common to vehicle maintenance facility operations. Whether you’re installing your Lube Tank indoors, in a basement, in a service bay, outdoors or next to a building, there is a convenient design for you.


Other Products

About Big Ass Fans

Big Ass Fans specifically designed for commercial spaces have patented gearless motors, which eliminate the audible mechanical noise that can be created by gearbox friction. Add advanced onboard controls to prevent electrical “noise” and you have a Big Ass Fan that produces less than 35 dBA at maximum operating speed, ideal for use in sound-sensitive environments. Customize your fan to suit your dealership’s décor and brand style.

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